Saturday, May 12, 2012

Which Lawyer / Attorney Should I Choose for My DUI Case? Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer - AZ DUI Team

If you are thinking:  "I will just do a Google Search for "DUI Lawyer," or "DUI Attorney," and pick one of them," you are making a very common mistake.

The people at the top of those search results are there not because they are good, but because they paid a lot of money to be there.

Most attorneys at the top of those search engine results are not even real DUI Attorneys.  They are general attorneys who will handle your DUI case if you pay them to do it.  This usually results in little work on their part, and pressure to take a plea agreement.

Numerous Attorneys advertise themselves as "The Best," or "Premiere," or even "Superior."  Surprisingly, these are the lawyers that seem to know the least about DUI.

So how do you know which DUI Lawyers are the best.  Well, you can go to court on one of your days off, and watch how certain DUI Attorneys represent their currently clients, and approach the one that impresses you the most, or you can make it simple and contact the AZ DUI Team.

The AZ DUI Team Attorneys are experienced DUI / Trial Attorneys with 1,000+ cases under each of their belts.  They are not the general practitioners that represent Civil, and Criminal, and Family Law, and Wills & Trusts.

The AZ DUI Team Attorneys focus on DUI cases, and have the accomplishments to prove it.

Each AZ DUI Team Attorney has numerous acquittals at trial, many cases dismissed before trial, and the skills and know-how to deal with any legal or factual issue that arises before and during trial.

You can take a stab in the dark that the Lawyer with "XYZ Law Firm" can really handle your DUI case, or you can go with the people that focus solely on DUI representation.

Call the AZ DUI Team today at 602-DUI-Team (602-384-8326).

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