Monday, May 14, 2012

I Was Arrested For a DUI. Should I Wait Until I am Charged to Get an Attorney / Lawyer? Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer - AZ DUI Team

Absolutely not.

Getting an Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest is essential to protect all your rights. 

You do not need to have charges formally brought against you in order to have an Attorney begin working on, and investigating, your case.

Many people will just wait to see if charges are going to be filed, and hope that they will not.  This puts the ball completely in the prosecutor's hands, and may prevent you from completely defending yourself in court.

Sometimes the prosecutor will charge a DUI after reviewing the police report, and in that police report, there are supposed statements that the person made, or allegations that the person was stumbling, or had slurred speech.  The person might say, that that wasn't true, and that there was a video camera right above where the person was talking to the officer, or there was a witness that saw the whole thing at the scene.

Unfortunately, businesses don't keep video recordings for very long, if they know of no reason to do so, and as time passes, potential witnesses move on with their lives, unaware that they are being sought after for their testimony.

It is not uncommon for a prosecutor to bring charges against a person, days, weeks, or even months after the date of arrest.  If there was a video tape of anything, that tape is likely long gone by the time charges are actually filed.

It is even possible to head off a DUI charge before it is filed by the prosecutor, with the right evidence.

Additionally, in Arizona, people lose their license to drive because they were "suspected" of DUI.  An Experienced DUI Attorney can ensure that your license is not taken away from you under a "suspicion," and that will only be taken away from you if you are convicted of DUI.

There is also the circumstance where someone initially gets charged with a Misdemeanor DUI, but the evidence is there for the prosecutor to actually charge someone with a Felony DUI.  Having an Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer with you before charges are actually brought can lead to the Attorney getting you into court, and assisting you in entering into a Misdemeanor Plea Agreement before the prosecutor realizes that a Felony could have also been filed.

If you didn't have that Attorney with you from the beginning, you might be dealing with Felony DUI charges, instead of having a Misdemeanor DUI conviction, which will prevent Felony charges from being filed under the legal principle of Double Jeopardy.

You don't want to lose out on your rights or options because you are hoping that a case won't be filed against you.

In Maricopa County, it is very unlikely that the prosecutor won't bring a case against you if the officer arrested you.

That is why you need an Experienced DUI Defense Attorney on your side.

If you are currently charged with, or expect to get charged with, a Misdemeanor DUI or Felony DUI in Maricopa County, it is important to talk to an Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer as soon as possible. 

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